Cycling in Maastricht

Information for the international community on cycling in the city

The cyclist’s union is glad to see you cycling in Maastricht. Enjoy it!

We are volunteers who make a lot of effort to make Maastricht a better cycling city. On this website we offer a short introduction in English on the practice of cycling in Maastricht:

A video of a trip from the hospital to the city center (2011).

A video of Maastricht as a cycle city (2016).

Some traffic rules that often aren’t understood by internationals:

  • In most cases you cycle on the right-hand side of the road. Sometimes we have a bicyclelane on the left side of a street, that indicates space for cycling in the opposite direction in a one-way street for cars. Also in these cases you are supposed to stick to the right-hand side of the street. Look at the traffic signs for the rare cases that a cycleway on the left side of the road is bi-directional.
  • Painted triangles on the road surface (sharks teeth) mean that you have to give way.
  • When cycling in the dark your bike needs to have lights.

How to survive in traffic:

  • When crossing traffic always seek eye-contact with potential conflict partners and check their behavior.
  • Keep at least 2 meters distance from trucks, especially near crossings, because of very dangerous blind angle that truck drivers have.

The most important parking rules:

  • In the city centre and near the central station it is forbidden to park your bike except in bike racks or bike parkings.
  • In other areas the pavement is the place for parking bikes.
  • Do mind about pedestrians and residents.

If possible, put your bike in a safe place, because many bikes are unfortunately stolen.

If you ever leave Maastricht to move to another nice place, then take your bike with you and spread the biking culture. Or give your bike to someone who is happy with it. Don’t leave your bike in the bike rack to fall into pieces, because the Maastricht people want to keep their town a nice place.

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